SALVATION out 19th of January 2018

(Album NEVERLANDER, release date: 26th of January)

A call to break out of the lonely routine, to change your own story, or see it in different perspective. To reach out and touch the life around you, endless possibilities awaits.

This song makes you feel like dancing bare feet in the desert or jumping into a cold mountain river after hiking to the peak in summer. It makes you smile and hug your loved ones.

--> NEVERLANDER EU TOUR from 1st of February

LYRICS Salvation

I need a friend

For picking

Seeds from the sky


I’m dealing

With mirrors in disguise

With no love

All is fallin’ down

All gone

All gone

All gone

All gone

Hold on

Come on with me

Raise the choir

Heavy urges of salvation

Come on with me

Break the wires

Fields are packed with endless yarns

I need a hand

A witness

That you are alive

Nothing matters

When you decline

With no love

All is fallin’ down

  • Composer: Yael Feldinger | Itai Tsuk (Remix: Konsta Mikkonen)

  • Lyrics: Yael Feldinger

  • Producer: Itai Tsuk

  • ISRC: CH9931700014 // ACUM Isreal   // (Remix: CH9931800001, ACUM Israel)

  • Publisher: Interstellar Music GmbH

  • --> Full EPK (incl. Artworks, Music, Presstext)

2018 MHF