• 15.01.2018 | "...Il duo di Tel Aviv è tornato con un disco più minimalista – “less is more”, come si sual dire – rispetto ai precedenti... Ascoltie Racconti

  • 02.01.2018 Italy | "...di trovare sempre e comunque nuove forme alchemiche di visioni d’insieme e di particolari da far emergere." Indie PerCui

  • 23.12.2017 Germany | "Sie stellen sich den dunkelsten Ecken ihrer Seelen..." Isi Listening

  • 28.11.2017 Germany |.."spoiler alert: klingt gut"... MinutenMusik

  • 27.11.2017 Germany |..."Neverlander ist das ruhige Sein, die Balance, das Echte inmitten aller Suchenden nach Liebe und Anerkennung..." Global Music Magazin

  • 24.11.2017 Germany |...Futuristisch, weil es genauso gut aus einem Mystery-Film entnommen sein könnte. Dabei ist die Thematik gar nicht so weit weg, aber gerade diese geschaffene Distanz zum Song an sich, dem Video, das wirklich mega gut aussieht und sich dazu noch zum Sound des Duos komisch warm anfühlt."... Video Premier Sound Kartell

  • 18.10.2017 Italy |..."Prima di lasciarvi all’ascolto di Red, il singolo che abbiamo scelto dal disco Marinade"... Culto Underground 


  • "It smells, feels and sounds like next big thing. Hard to tell that Phototaxis are from around here" (Maariv daily newspaper) 

  • "One of the most interesting questions is which group will cross over from the Indie life to the international market. Few groups has what it takes and Phototaxis are one of them"(Haaretz daily newspaper) 

  • "Amazing electro-soul dark and smokey" (City Mouse Tel-Aviv) 


  • "Surprising to hear that a local singer like Yael Feldinger can produce such a black, steaming, hot and real as if she was born in New-Orleans. The band brings a great twist of Bristol music which sounds authentic" (Rating weekly magazine) 

Blogs Quotes 

  • "Phototaxis balances the comfortable and the uneasy. It rolls around in its own skin, smears itself with different colors, settles in on a hopeful arc. Pretty Ugly is a wide and varied record that's brave enough to snarl at the fear curled inside it. What else can you ask?" (Dinguson)

  • "It is therefore not a surprise that a bit less modern genre, soul music, finds its way more and more in close grip with various threads of the electro scene: the live, warm, slow and hot react with the programmed, cold, fast-paced and frigid. To have and have not, to yield and deny, an unending passionate Ouroboros that wraps us with vengeance and lets go with a promise, that's what this newly bred offspring of music and digital age brings: electro-soul." (Music Mafia UK)

  • "Phototaxis sounds like the lovechild of Macy Gray and the Sneaker Pimps. Their sultry blues jazz and trip hop combination is endearing. You'll find yourself gently swaying to the grooves of the tracks and being mesmerized by the sound. (Frostklick)

  • - "its an awesome record especially for people who adore the whole trip hop/jazz blend. Featuring great composition and recording, it is a real gem in a sea of overabundant mediocrity. Take a listen and see if you like it too. (Frostklick)

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